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exhibition: Benefit Exhibition for the Shelter Foundation: Art Against
Trafficking in Women and Sexual Exploitation

date: 27 January - 12 February 2011

Peter Freeman, Inc. is pleased to host a benefit exhibition of prints and photographs by a diverse group of 17 artists who have donated works for sale, with all proceeds to go to the Shelter Foundation.

The Shelter Foundation was founded by Alexander and Silke von Berswordt-Wallrabe in Basel, Switzerland in February 2001 with the intention of using art as a way to encourage and collect donations to fund aid projects for victims who have been abducted and forced into prostitution, particularly in the Balkan region. They generously donate their time and resources so that 100% of the sales proceeds can go directly to help these women.
Funds raised by the foundation are used to support International Organization for Migration (IOM) safe houses which provide medical, psychological, bureaucratic and legal aid. The Shelter Foundation cooperates with the Women to Work initiative, based in London and Bosnia, which trains rescued women so that they can find jobs. The Shelter Foundation also aids Lara, a Bosnian woman’s rights organization which among its many projects, works to draw the public’s attention to the problem of forced prostitution and runs a shelter in Bijeljina. In addition, the Shelter Foundation works with other internationally recognized groups to provide emergency aid and education around the world. Detailed information on past and on-going projects can be found at

Artists Richard Serra (a member of the board of trustees), Mary Heilman, Günter Uecker and others have made works available in editions of 40. Several unique works have also been contributed to this cause by both artists and collectors. The exhibition of these works has been presented at numerous venues in Europe including Nationalgalerie Berlin (2006), Museum Wiesbaden (2001), and Museum Kurhaus Kleve (2001), this is the first time it will be shown in the US. Several artists represented by Peter Freeman, Inc. including Silvia Bächli, Alex Hay, Helen Mirra, Franz Erhard Walther and Richard Wentworth have also donated works for sale which will be on view.

Works by: Silvia Bächli, Mel Bochner, Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Alexander Calder, Lucinda Devlin, Ger van Elk, Thomas Florschuetz, Kees de Goede, Gotthard Graubner, Alex Hay, Mary Heilmann, Candida Höfer, Evelyn Hofer, Lee Ufan, Helen Mirra, François Morellet, Holger Mühlenbeck, Alfredo Alvarez Plágaro, Dirk Reinartz, Boris Savelev, Richard Serra, Fiona Tan, Günter Uecker, Jan Wawrzyniak, Franz Erhard Walther, Richard Wentworth.